once again

the fall of darkness means firebuilding as well as a switch to the road.

i am happy to report that the crews have a nice warm fire for the night…


all night.


the last stretch to the road was costly.

kevin mccabe (USA) did not make the cutoff on 34.

patrick hrotek, the pride of slovakia, missed the cut on 35.

and denmark’s david stoltenborg was not yet back when i came in to write the update;

according to a message that passed thru 4 people in 3 languages

(none of them english)

david either sprained his ankle, broke his leg, or his timing chip came off.

(i did get word that he is back and ok)


so now we have 57 runners out on the first night loop.

surely we can relax for a few hours….


sometime i have to tell you about all the fun we have had,

like busting a water main on friday and having no water all day

and getting it fixed only to have the water burst this morning

and operating with no water again!

we hope to have water tomorrow