ritvars kalnins of latvia just ran a 31:59 yard on the third loop…


the fastest yard ever run at big’s.

even including the road loops at night.

having ritvars here is a special treat for me personally.

ritvars is one of the last of the original generation of elite backyard runners.

backyard was just a game until it began to develop that elite level of athletes.

guys like ritvars, hannes viedde from estonia, johann steene the unbeatable swede. frenchman guillaume calmettes, irish legend peter cromie, and the americans jeremy ebel and harvey lewis;

these athletes elevated the sport

pushing the limits of human performance ever further

staging stirring duels in backyards around the world

developing the mental and physical strategies that allowed us to continually go beyond what was once thought possible.

today only a couple of them are still competing at the top level,

even though they are already legends in the sport.


today they share a dream with a new generation of stars in the backyard.

the youngsters of the sport

seeking to write their won names into history.

while the last of the old gunfighters try to add another chapter to legends already written.

75 runners are out on the trail

75 dreams are still being dreamed….


but only one of them will come true