sadly we saw daniele lissoni of italy drop this hour.

it was not that he couldn’t go on right now,

but rather the belief he could not do the first trail loop in the morning.

this knocks us down to 49.


loop 43 is a cause for celebration for one of our runners;

Thembinkosi Sojola (thembi) will tie the south african backyard record this hour.

next hour he will break it.


thembi is a quiet and humble athlete

and he passed his personal best 4 hours ago

but did not ring the distance bell.

his crew is going to try to convince him to ring it next hour,

when he breaks the south africa record.


we havent heard too much from the distance bell up until now

(only 4 times)

with a field like this the ones who go out early are not setting personal bests.

but looking at the seeding list

we have a lot of personal bests coming up tomorrow.