we lost a couple more.

jason bigonia from the us turned around and didnt finish 43.

nederlander roman packbier quit after 43.

both of them referenced a fear of returning to the trail.



this is the yard for thembi to break the south african record that he tied on the last yard.

he ran much of the race with jason (who just dropped)

and also talked with him about the record.

most drops immediately go to get some sleep,

jason will be staying up to celebrate with thembi.


you’d have to meet him to really understand

he is such an unassuming guy

and he has run really well the past two days.

he has built up a small fan club between his crew

and his fellow backyarders.

if someone was to jump up out of nowhere and contend for the win

i cant think of a better person than thembi.

i have enough favorites now

i dont see an reason not to add one more.