the 47 all cleared another yard.

sunrise is less than three hours away.

it will mark the beginning of the third day…


and a return to the feared trails!


not everyone fears the trails.

team mexico cut their teeth on trails that could have big’s trail for breakfast!

rodolfo ramirez leonides is from mexico city

reyes satevo is from a little place called guachochi;

some of you may be more familiar with the location as the copper canyon.

reyes is one of the famed rarimuri runners

and the mexican backyard champion.

reyes is as quiet as leonides is gregarious.

they both run with joy and passion.

i had the opportunity to spend some time in the campsite of team mexico on friday before the race

and we found a lot of common ground

including that we eat every part of the pig but the squeal.

it was one of many highights of the 2023 big’sbackyard race for me.

how can i not add team mexico to my list of favorites?


watching reyes and leonides come in on the 45th yard,

they are running the same as they ran two days ago.

but they are not the only ones.

as the race winds its way thru the passing days

slowly whittling the field down to only the strongest;

there is a showdown on the horizon.