as we roll along

watching the runners coming in with easy yard after easy yard

i like to look at the faces

and think about how we came to be here.

every one of them has a story worth telling.

rene romualdo cunha is here because he won the brazilian championship last october.

he is a tall, thin (how different is that in this crowd?) quiet man

probably in the right place to break the brazilian record.


watching the backyard’s growth in brazil has been fun.

there is such enthusiasm

and such a joyous spirit.

i have to admit we had some struggles at first.

even with google translate it sometimes seemed our language barrier would be too much to overcome.

and then along came Vanuza Ramos Velho and at last we had a clear line of communication.

i was surprised to find out that she actually does not speak english.

but i think completing the translation from google translate is a skill in and of itself…


the brazilian backyard community has grown and grown.

they have embraced the backyard as what it is

a sport for the everyman.

it only requires a watch

a short course

and a spirit of enjoyment in life.

these are things that brazil has …


especially the enjoyment of life in abundance.


the last couple of years brazil has gone from chasing their first 24 hour backyard

to watching the record approach 40.

the number of runners coming out to play and chase personal goals has exploded.

and the number of races in which the runners can play has grown along with it.


rene is here as a true representative of brazil.

the backyard family there has helped him to make this trip of a lifetime.

truly he is running with the dreams of all the brazilian backyarders on his shoulders.

fortunately he is a good man to entrust this burden.

he represents his country well.

corra forte e corra por muito tempo, rene