it is like hammering away blocks of granite.

the 26 just keep lining up and running.

you can look through the field and see that most of them are hurt

to some degree or another.

logic alone tells you everyone has suffered at least some damage.

the 26 ran a sub 24 hour 100 mile from saturday morning to sunday morning.

then they did it again from sunday morning to monday morning.

and now they are closing in on completing a third consecutive sub-24 hour 100 by sunup tuesday morning.

there is enough evident damage that we know some of them will eventually go down.

if they recognize that fact

they show no sign of it…

the whistles sound

they go to the corral

the bell sounds

they run.


the 26 are not the best of the best for no reason.

they will not break

they must be chipped away a flake at a time.

it is like hammering away blocks of granite.