we are finally passing the marathon mark.

in a regular backyard this would be the final lap for many runners.

passing the marathon and going further is a big landmark.

it will pass with little notice today.

no one wants to go out in less than 24 hours.

no one!


i was really looking forward to meeting thembinkosi sojola.

the previous south african champion was one of the great frustrations of the 2021 championship.

he got as far as italy and we were unable to get him the rest of the way.

so it was a great relief when the south african athlete showed up at the venue.

i had my first question already lined up;

“how do i pronounce your name?”

“just call me thembi”


i was good with that

it is going to be a week of tongue twisters.

it already has been.

it seems like half the field has names with sounds my tongue cant make!

the soft-spoken south african was another in the field making the trip of a lifetime.

i was left wondering after we talked;

“how many favorites am i allowed?”