before this hour is over there will be light.

i cant wait for daylight

so at least i know the things i see are really there.

things i am sure were not there include;

the stream of wriggling red worms spilling down the side of the toilet

(went away when i squeezed my eyes shut and looked again)

the old woman knitting beside the fire

(turned into a crew looking at their phone when i got closer)


overheard in camp;

“i have slept at least 20 minutes every hour tonight,and i still feel terrible”

“this has turned into a terrible ordeal, and i cant even feel sorry for myself…. at least i’m not running all day”


for all that we have been through,

an unbelievable 23 people are within an hour of recording a third consecutive sub-24 hour hundred miler… in the same race.

300 miles in 72 hours,

we cant find any records for that

but this has to be outside the range of anything seen before.

i will be very curious to see how many continue back onto the trail for hour 73.

of those who do i wonder how many will make it under an hour.