the race seems to be morphing

and entering a new phase.

first hour of day 4 harvey lewis blew thru camp

second hour it was sam harvey racing to the front.


to understand what stage we are at consider the runners.

some of them are now just trying to get everything they can get.

personal records already smashed

maybe national records.

they have already gone too deep for the effort to be sustainable.

they know their time is finite.

the goal now is to push their race as far as they can get it

make that record harder to beat

or set a personal mark as high as possible.


but a prt of the field,

as incredible as it might seem

are still running within themselves.

they have a lot left in the tank

and as we start to approach end game

they are flexing their muscles a little.

making a statement.

now, different runners have different ways

and different styles.

it might not always be something apparent on the broadcast,

but messages are being sent.

the game has begun

and backyard is 20% physical / 80% mental…


and sometimes it has a little wild kingdom thrown in.