the march of the zombies goes on.

by the fourth night everyone is operating in a haze.

when the sun rises and sets 4 times in the same day things start to get really messy.

the hours start to pass like in a movie.

where the hands on a watch keep spinning and the scene never changes.

after the flurry of activity right around the 80th hour

things have been locked in an unsupportable repetition.

the runners come in

we go through all our routines

blow the whistles and ring the bells

and the zombies march out once again.


if everyone in camp is exhausted

i cant imagine what it must be like for the runners.

we havent lost anyone in hours.

even though several of them are barely making it before the cutoffs

those are the ones i really cant understand

the whole thing has a sense of unsustainability about it.

sooner or later everyone has to sleep.

the force of will that holds them up is unimaginable..