recurring dream the past two days/nights.

nightmare actually,

in it i wake up to find out there are still runners going.

somehow i had not noticed they were there

and now they are just running by them selves,

and we dont have any count on their yards.



turns out that is not entirely just a dream.


after the event i got the rest of the story from finland.

when they stopped for weather i figured it was bad.

nobody is going to just stop a race after 32 hours for no reason.

especially not the finns

who are hard as masonry nails!


when i checked the weather on the internet,

i saw they had 90 mph winds.

that is the high end of a category 1 hurricane.

basically, a sub 1 hour yard would be nearly,

if not outright,



well, after talking to them i got the rest of the story.

it wasnt the 90 mph winds that stopped them.

it was the power lines down all over the course.

even if you are a finn,

the proper course of action when you see power lines down

is to go the other way!!!


now i understand why they did not just pick up the race after the storm passed to determine a winner.


so they are going to have a runoff in april.

the three finns still standing

when the power lines were not

will have a duel to the death to determine the true finnish champions.


the winner will get their due invitation to big’s.

it wont change the standings in the team championships

but it will determine the true winner of the finland national championship .


my dreams were true.

the race is not over yet!